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K9 Cruiser Bowl

K9 Cruiser Bowl - Round

K9 Cruiser Bowl - Round

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The K9 Cruiser Bowl is uniquely designed to be anti spill. It also deters water play and reduces dribble and keeps long ears dry. Made from safe BPA free plastic yet still tough and durable.

The K9 Cruiser Bowl is a proprietary designed anti-spill pet water bowl built with durability and made for a purpose. The unique design of the water bowl discourages dogs from playing with water. It also ensures that spillage is minimal as water is secured within the cavity of the bowl, yet the water also provides substantial weight so as to prevent the bowl from being overturned by playful dogs or puppies.

  • Ideal for in the car, caravan or ute
  • Great for keeping long ears dry
  • Perfect for playful puppies
  • Safe for families with small children
  • Reduces beard dribble
  • Easy to fill & clean
  • Very durable
  • Different colours
  • Eliminates water play
  • Perfect for all vehicles
  • Keeps water safe cool and clean

Approximately 2.5 litres can be stored within the vacuum walls of the bowl. On average, this amount is more than sufficient to supply the needs of your pet per day regardless of age, size and/or activity, whether at home or traveling. A small opening in the bowl ensures consistent amount of water available for your pets all day long (approximately 20mm in depth) giving consistent supply of fresh and clean water to your pets.

The bowl is made from food grade BPA Free UV resistant plastic for durability and both the lid and the base can be separated for easy cleaning.

  • Puppy breeders love the Cruiser Bowl because they can’t tip the water out.
  • The Cruiser Bowl is perfect for utes, cars, trucks allowing the dog to drink even in a moving vehicle
  • The Cruiser Bowl is ideal for those who travel
  • Also perfect for dogs with long ears

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Trudy Knowles
K9 Cruiser round water bowl

Works great put it in our ute for our dogs didn't spill any water. Great product.

Tracey Peterson

I love this water bowl. I filled it up on my way to Wellington and then loaded a Labrador in after having her run around. She attacked the water, but nothing spilled and didn't tip over. Unfortunately I could only buy one as the rest were all sold out. Great service and fast delivery too.

Renee James
Perfect for the back of the Ute !

Handles some pretty windy country roads in the back of the Ute and hasn’t spilled yet !