It's that time of year again!

Get registered for Friendsgiving 2024 happening in July 

For those of you who are unfamiliar Friendsgiving is a gift exchange we coordinate within our community each year.
There is no additional fee to participate. Get signed up, we will send out an email with a PDF attached of who you are going to be gifting to the last week of June, this PDF contains some amazing discounts from small NZ businesses that are supporting the running of this event.


Registration is: CLOSED

Registration opens: 1st May

Registration closes: 17th June

Matches sent out: last week of June

Aim to have your gifts received by: 31st July


Three Gift budget options - you will be matched with someone who is in the same budget as you

Group one: Gift budget $30-$40 excluding shipping

Group two: Gift budget $60-$70 excluding shipping

Group three: Handmade gifts

Enriched Canines, and other businesses will be offering exclusive discount codes,​codes will be sent out with your offical Friendsgiving email.

Limited to one entry per dog If you have more than one dog and want to have separate matches please fill out the form completely for each dog. Limited to NZ addresses only. You must have a public Instagram dog account to join​ (so your friends can learn about you and choose a gift that suits your needs)

To make sure that everyone has the best chance of receiving a gift you will be required to send us your tracking information for the dog that you are sending to.

If you have any questions please hit me up on Insta @ec_giftexchange or email

Have an issue? - get in touch

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Use this account to contact us if you need help with your gift

Want to advertise in Friendsgiving 2024?

People are looking for a wide variety of dog related gifts, all in a rather short space of time! Consider advertising in the PDF that all participants get

Advertising Friendsgiving 2024 special - $20!! (+gst)

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