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Bully Grip

Bully Grip - Small

Bully Grip - Small

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 Bully stick holder that fits most bully sticks and hard treat sticks from 1/2" wide to just under 3/4" wide

  • Multi-Functional Dog Toy and Safety Device!
  • Made with non toxic chew resistant durable natural rubber designed for dogs that like to chew (supervise use).
  • Helps prevent choking and stomach blockage in dogs when eating treat sticks.
  • Quality Inspected, Assembled and Packaged in the USA. Globally sourced material.


1/2 inch thick bully stick = Good hold.

5/8 inch thick bully stick = Better hold

3/4 inch thick bully stick = EXTREME hold

Twist the Bully Grip onto the treat stick by gripping the bully grip in one had and the treat stick in the other. Twist until the treat stick is completely in the bully grip. Works best if you place the Bully Grip on the thickest part of the treat stick.

For a quick conversion from Inches to cm use this converter

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Good purchase

Good purchase, good quality product, fast delivery

Anna Johnstone
Love this product!

Perfect for holding long skinny chew treats. My dog loves how easy this makes it. Also helps prevent the choking hazard of the small end bit of his chews as it keeps a tight grip and forces him to work hard to get to the very end rather than just trying to swallow it whole.

Lara Cargo

Works really well, my dog tried pretty hard to pull out the end of the bully stick and couldn't. Gives you peace of mind you won't miss the end to take away.

Great for treat gobblers

Love this product. My dog usually devours a bully stick in a minute and I always worried that she didn't chew properly so I stopped giving her them. This forces her to slow down and actually chew properly, and also keeps her occupied for longer.