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Planet Dog

Planet Dog - Lil Snoop

Planet Dog - Lil Snoop

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The long-awaited Lil’ Snoop is here from @Planet Dog! Now big and small dogs alike can enjoy hours of interactive play with this best seller. Just pop the neck of the Lil’ Snoop out, fill with treats, pop back in and watch small dogs enjoy!

The award-winning, best-selling interactive is now available in a smaller 100mm size. The Lil’ Snoop works exactly like the original but is sized specifically for smaller pups and dogs. This treat dispensing puzzle toy keeps dogs engaged, drives brain stimulation and helps promote self-play.

Size: 100mm

PLEASE NOTE: Snoops are NO longer covered by the Planet Dog replacement guarantee. All snoops sold after 1/11/20 are no longer covered, Snoops sold prior are still covered for a one time replacement. Please provide your invoice number when seeking out a replacement.

Please also note: the Planet dog nooks do not fit in the lil snoop, to increase the challenge try adding a small liker ball as they fit in the lil snoop

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Samantha Pool
Absolute Fave

Our favourite enrichment toy. Suitable for all of the gang who are all different ages. Even out senior loves it.

Molly Derecourt

These little snoops are the best size for my french bulldogs. The perfect enrichment with a snack to keep them busy. Although time can vary depending on the treats inside, these are great and enrich them without frustrating them. So easy for me to pop a few treats in and to clean afterwards too.

Amanda Death
Spice up your dogs meal times!

Great way to spice up my fussy dogs meal times and get him eating his fdry food. He loves rolling it around the floor snuffling up all the goodies

Elizaveta Tarasova
Great entertainment

My dogs love this bowl. This is now their treat for the evening. Since one of them is a chewer, I only let them play with the bowl under my supervision, which seems to have an added value to the game.

Shalena Hayes

My little guy struggled with the Snoop when I first gave it too him, but luckily you can make it easier by unfolding  the end. Once he got the hang of it, we folded it back in and now he aces it!