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LickiMat Indoor Keeper

LickiMat Indoor Keeper

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Simply place the LickiMat – loaded with soft foods or treats – into the LickiMat Indoor Keeper. The Keeper features a no-skid base to keep everything in place and has an easy-lift notch to easily remove or secure a LickiMat. Add water to the outer moat to create a barrier to prevent ants from getting into the food.

The raised sides means that more dry food can be added on top for larger meals or used as a regular food bowl - the Keeper can hold up to 6 cups of dry dog food!

The material is pet-safe and free of silicone, BPA, PVC and phthalates to ensure food safety.


  • 100% dishwaser safe
  • Fits all Classic and Tuff LickiMats
  • Designed to prevent pets from moving the chewing their LickiMats
  • Made with a patent-pending notch to help remove the LickiMat
  • Serves as a combination LickiMat and feeding bowl

Keeper and mats sold separately


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Samantha Lyons
We LOVE the Lickmat Keeper!!

We absolutely love the Lickimat Keeper! We weren't getting much use out of our Buddy since it couldn't fit a whole meal for Hudson, but the Keeper completely solves that! Now we can slip the Buddy or Soother into the Keeper and pile up a whole meal without making a mess and have been getting so much more use out of them!

Kaea Huia

GAMECHANGER! I usually feed my dogs outside because they're messy eaters. Now that we've got a Keeper it's possible for them to eat LickiMats inside without licking the food off the mats onto the floor, or pushing the mats around the floor with them. I definitely think I'll go for an Outdoor Keeper next.

Tracee Flintoff

Perfect for lick mats