Secret Santa 2023 Business advertising

It is that time of year again! We are getting things ready for our next Secret Santa happening in Nov/December.

For those of you who are unfamiliar we run a gift exchange twice a year, our mid-year one we call Friendsgiving and the one at the end of the year is a Secret Santa. These gift exchanges have grown in popularity with over 280 participants last Secret Santa. That's 280+ people looking for dog specific gifts in a relatively short time frame.

It’s free to participate in Friendsgiving/secret Santa, but we charge for the advertising that gets sent out to all the participants in the form of a PDF. People aren’t limited to buy from the advertisers, but the advertising definitely helps direct people.

​​We have two advertising options available: -Standard advert where you can offer a discount code to those participating, and
- A smaller 'mini' advert that does not contain a discount code, but can be used for a logo or for a product feature

Book Now

If your business would like to get involved please check out (below) before 6th November to be included.

This year there will be three participant groups this year:
Group one: $30-$40
Group two: $60-$70
Group Three: Handmade [New]

We will send out the Secret Santa info to all participants on the last week of October.
The deadline for all gifts to be received is the 25th December.

​We would love to have you join us.

Example PDF from previous years

  • Dog info for matches

  • Info about the gift swap

  • Standard adverts - page 1

  • Standard adverts - page 2

  • Standard adverts - page 3

  • Mini adverts

For more information and to book your advert space now, Spaces are limited!

  • Standard Advert

    • Offer a discount code (usually between 10-20%)
    • A short description (about 10 words)
    • Website
    • Logo
    • Instagram @
    • Bigger advert
    • Max 3 adverts per page
    • Limited to 12 advertising spots
  • Mini Advert

    • Logo or product photo
    • A short description (about 10 words)
    • Website 
    • Located at the end of the PDF
    • Unlimited spots available