Enriching Enrichment

Enriching Enrichment

‘Enrichment’ is a pretty big category, As lots of activities can be classed as enrichment, especially since it is up to the individual what is enriching and what isn’t. As the ’enrichment’ genre grows in popularity there are becoming more and more products to the market which are labeled as ‘enrichment’ to try get on the hype train, and make a quick buck, but they aren’t enriching, in fact they are the opposite, they are what I have coined “frustration stations” restricting access to food rather than adding value to the dog. 
Frustration is the opposite of enrichment.
The aim with enrichment is for the dog to enjoy the activity.
Learn your own dogs signs of frustration, help them, make activities easier if needed be. Challenge them appropriately.
Not all dogs progress to the most challenging levels of enrichment, lots (if not most) like a tiny challenge, but still very achievable (think a snuffle mat kinda challenge level)

I vet products very hard before they enter the store, just because its available doesn’t mean I will stock it.
Lots of marketers have zero idea what enrichment entails, a common theme I have observed is, ‘it holds food, must be enrichment’. If you’re ever in doubt about a product/activity please feel free to reach out and we can talk it through, even if its not an item we stock. I sincerely want your dog to have the best experience with an activity they are engaging in.

After all, I am an ethical based dog trainer first and foremost, who chooses to spread the good word about enrichment as an accessible lifestyle for all dogs.

Enjoy x
Stay safe
and keep enrichment enriching
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