Different Activities Fulfil Different Needs

Different Activities Fulfil Different Needs

20mins of snuffling does NOT equal an hour walk, and any variation on this is just misleading. 

It’s a marketing ploy. 

One is engaging the nose the other is a physical out let, of course there is some over lap, moving while snuffling and sniffing while walking, but if we take the two activities at their core, foraging (snuffling) and physical (walk)

Enrichment activities aren’t substitutable like that (with the exception of medical reasons) think of each Enrichment type as it’s own bucket with its own shaped hole in the lid, and each bucket is a different size per individual dog. We can’t add the contents of one to another, they can only be filled with the corresponding activity. Sooooo if you can’t get out for your usual walk, make sure to do another physical activity that will satisfy your dog; playing fetch, running at the park, swimming, digging etc. 
Because snuffling is a different bucket.
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