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LickiMat Buddy

LickiMat Buddy

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Industripet LickiMats are super great Boredom Busters for canines and felines. They are ideal calming aids that prevent anxiety, stress from causes like storms and bad behavior when left alone. This benefits their health, repetitive licking sooths your pet by releasing the cortisol hormone in the body. Choose any soft treat you feel your pets will desire like mushy meat or fish, and spread it over the Mat. The unique pattern is created to enhance the sense of taste, scrape off bad bacteria from the tongue and stimulate saliva reproduction that contains enzymes like Amylase which is super helpful for their digestion. In the summer time when it is crazy hot outside, you can even freeze these Mats with flavor on them so they can keep cool longer. This exciting and tasty game passes the time away! It is made from non-toxic food grade TPR that is suitable for cats, puppies or small to medium dogs.

Handwashing only

Size: 20x20cm
Non-toxic food grade
Freezer safe
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Great product. It's the best thing I've found to keep my young border collie still and relaxed while being groomed. Definitely worth buying it.

Kaea Huia

I reckon everyone needs one of these in their collection.  They're easy as to fill and feed, even if you're in a rush.


This is my favourite style of lickimat ever :) It really slows down how fast my girls eat their meals, and it's pretty easy to clean afterwards which is the biggest upside for me over the other styles

Such a great product

So excited to give it as a gift! We have some of our own and our pups love them

Paula Nixon
Quinn loved this

First time using a lick mat and Quinn loved it ❤